Work Hard.Play Hard.Win Easy.


I'm an Engineer and Songwriter from London, UK.

iLove music, iLove to laugh, iLive for today.
iLove to learn...

iAm a slight perfectionist.
..Why would anyone want to be around negative people all the time..?

Paulo Coelho = LEGEND
iLike 'Veronika decides to die' but iLove 'The Alchemist' <--That book really opened my eyes and changed my life (as cliché as that is) he truly is an inspiring and enchanting writer.

iLove my family, friends but most of all
iLove my beautiful girlfriend.

iLove the Philippines
iLove getting inked

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    What happened to all the naturally beautiful women? Everyone&#8217;s so fake nowadays

    What happened to all the naturally beautiful women? Everyone’s so fake nowadays

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